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Mens Ministry

Womens Ministry

Men of God have been called to a greater purpose; the purposes of Christ.  At Grace Covenant Church we embrace that purpose, but also understand the need to encourage and strengthen one another in the Lord.  "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another" -Proverbs 27:17. 


We are simply a band-of-brothers that desire to serve God and help each other become who we are in Christ. With God’s help we hope to help each other fight the battles that matter most; for the condition of our hearts, the quality of our marriages and families, and the spiritual strength of the Church and communities.

We get together (varied frequency) with the primary focus of faith and fellowship but along the way there is always fun and food! We have Men’s related Bible studies, pray together and for each other, and worship together.  Periodically we have breakfast together or Chicken BBQ events, Sporting events and BassPro shopping trips, etc.  We also occasionally schedule work parties to help people in need.  There is something for everyone, come join one of our events or activities. We want to grow in Grace of God and be a blessing to others.  


Questions or comments can be directed to Rodney Johnson (deacon) or Pastor Ron Neff.

The Bible says that a good woman is hard to find and worth more than rubies or diamonds (Prov. 31:10). At Grace Covenant Church we beleive that Christ desires to radiate the light of His goodness through the many facets of our lives, ultimately revealing the beauty of God. Women, we are worth far more than many of us realize!

So many women today lead challeging lives in so many ways; in the home, on the job, and in the market-place. Now more than ever ladies need to support each other as we become Women of Grace. Our goal is to help each other grow in God, encourage and care for one another, and become empowered to be the virtuous women that God desires. Join us at a gathering, small group activity, seminar, or special event. And become the woman of grace you've always wanted to be!

Contact leaders: Dolores Metzler 

Womes Ministry
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