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Greetings From Pastor Ron

Audio Greeting

People everywhere are looking for a warm, loving and accepting place; full of life and purpose, a place where there is a sense of family belonging, a place to find practical advice for daily living where they can grow in their relationship with Christ and the Church. Our church is that kind of place –a place to Experience Grace!

Jesus gave the Church a pretty simple purpose; Love God, Love People, and help other folks become the same kind of God pleasing people.  Our hope and prayer is that together we will continue to encounter the living God, enrich our love and life with and for other people, express that love and life with compassion, and experience the Spirit of Christ more and more.


Come and worship and be a part of the Grace of God with us.


WE're Glad you Found Us

We hope you will make the choice to join us to worship our Savior and live for Him. As you are deciding if you want to joining us we know you have a lot of questions. Please check out the following sections so you can understand our church family more: what we believe, why we exist, what we value, who our leaders are, and what to expect if you come. We hope you find a home with us here but either way, we are praying for you! 

Biblical Faith is essential to any church and Christian. We have things we believe to be true which shape who we are and how we live. Check out here what we as a Church believe about Reality, God, and Morals for living

Why are we here? What purpose do we have? For the Christian, Jesus gave us part of this answer in the Great Commandment (Matt. 22:35-40) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28: 16-20). Check out here why our church exists and where we're heading. 

Values help us understand why we do what we do. When we grasp our values they give us the passion in our hearts to accomplish the mission. Check out here what we value as a church family which makes us unique.

God has given leadership for His church. Here are the men and women God has called to lead our local church family for this time in history. Jesus is our ultimate leader but He has gifted these men and women to lead us as we accomplish the mission God has given us.

Hopefully, you've found in us beliefs, a mission, and values that connect to your heart. If so, the next step is to come and visit us on a Sunday morning to worship together. If you are planning to visit here are some answers to question you might have about what to expect. 

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