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What We Value

We Value a balanced devotion to the Word and Spirit of God.


We value Service, Sacrifice, and the Sacraments as practical expressions of the Christian Faith.

We value Excellence and Integrity as they honor the Father.

We value Local, Regional, National, and Global Mission and Church Activity.

We value the gifts, graces, talents, and diversity of people.

We value the Five-fold Ministry Gifts of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.

We value meaningful loving Relationships, as ministry flows through relationships.

We value Unity, Harmony and Teamwork for accomplishing common goals and vision.

We value healthy Families as the primary building blocks of the Church and Community.

Sacraments We Value


Water Baptism

In our view, water baptism should not be an isolated event in a Christian's life, but a daily reality as our old nature is buried with Christ and our new nature has risen with Him in holiness & obedience. Water baptism should also be a public sacrament before the congregation as an outward sign of an inward grace that takes place when we give our lives to Christ. Our mode of water baptism is by immersion following a confession of faith in Jesus.

Holy Communion

Regarding holy communion, we believe it is more than a memorial meal; it is a sharing and participating in the Body and the Blood of Jesus.  The Bible calls it the cup of blessing from the blood of Christ and the bread of common union with the Body of Christ.  Communion is an opportunity to encounter His mercy and grace in a special way and as the bread and wine/juice become a part of us, it reminds us that this life we live is for Christ and from Christ.

Dedication of Children

Parents are encouraged to dedicate their children as a public commitment emphasizing the vital and sacred responsibility they have to raise their children to follow the Lord Jesus.

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